• But then you came my way and tore away the fear of pain I won't lose again, this time I know I've got a winner in you No way I can lose A love I can hold on to I've got a winner in you I know how it feels when you try and try again And then you never win, I know how it feels Oh, but this time around, I've finally found what it's all about.
  • Jan 08,  · For Saturday night's jackpot drawing, the cash option — which most winners go with — is $ million. The 24% federal withholding would reduce that amount by $ million, leaving you with.
  • Before you discover There's a winner, there's a hero There's a lover too, somewhere, there's a winner in you And I'll, have no more of this, moping around I'm tired of you, putting yourself down 'Cos in spite of all, you've been through I still believe, there's a winner in you There's a winner, there's a hero.
  • Patti LaBelle – There's A Winner In You lyrics. Its only me. I've come to see you. And I know. What you have been through. I will be your friend. Lean on me for now. But to pull you back up. Somehow.
  • The "Patti Labelle - There's A Winner In You" is well - known song of Patti Labelle musician. It brings to the musical listeners with the special feelings.
  • And it’s true that in a November election, there has to be a winner, no matter how close the margin. In , George W. Bush won Florida by votes out of some 6 million cast, giving him all.
  • Winner definition is - one that wins: such as. How to use winner in a sentence.
  • There's A Winner In You Lyrics: It's only me / I've come to see you / And I know / What you've been through / I will be your friend / Lean on me for now / Got to pull you back up / Somehow / And I.

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