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  • The numeric system variable SELECTED_LANGUAGE contains the ID of the language that the installation is using to display prompts and messages. This system variable has a corresponding text substitution, which contains the value of SELECTED_LANGUAGE formatted as a four-digit hexadecimal value (including the 0x prefix).
  • Community repchotazaquartdershacpunkratbobespchild.xyzinfo Forums/General repchotazaquartdershacpunkratbobespchild.xyzinfo Core/Routing to a selected language returns a blank page! Routing to a selected language returns a blank page!
  • Select a Language. ‭English (U.S.) ‭English (Canada) ‭English (U.K.) ‭English (Ireland) ‭English (South Africa) ‭English (Australia) Bahasa Malaysia. Bahasa Indonesia.
  • 16 rows · Select your preferred language to get the latest Java software.
  • Language Settings Select the language you prefer for browsing, shopping, and communications. English - EN Español - ES - Traducción. Translation We'll translate the most important information for your browsing, shopping, and communications. Our translations are provided for your convenience.
  • A well-designed language selection option is one of the key things that enhances usability and creates a simple user experience for your website visitors and customers. If you’re still unsure about which design to choose, get some user feedback and conduct some testing.
  • To check your Google Account language, open your Google Account. You should see the language you selected. The language change didn't work: If your Google Account doesn't match the language you.
  • Some countries have selected a single or dominant language as an official [ ] one to promote national unity and social cohesion or to ensure equality of opportunity.

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