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Dead In The Pipeline


  • Jul 07,  · The pipeline is bad for the environment, leaking methane that destroys the atmosphere on par with coal. The pipeline creates fewer jobs than wind and solar per dollar spent. Its construction poisons water and make rural communities sicker and poorer.
  • Although a pipeline from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea is less environmentally invasive than an open canal, there are a myriad of problems that still concern environmentalists. First is the location.
  • 2 days ago · RALEIGH — The proposed natural-gas pipeline through Eastern North Carolina is dead. Long live natural gas! Admittedly, there won’t be a coronation ceremony like there would be if a living.
  • The Atlantic Coast Pipeline was initially announced in in response to a lack of energy supply and delivery diversification for millions of families, businesses, schools, and national defense installations across North Carolina and Virginia. Robust demand for the project is driven by the regional retirement of coal-fired electric generation.
  • ABOUT ten persons are feared dead in Oyibo Local Government Area of Rivers State following an explosion in a pipeline in the area. The incident reportedly occurred in Kom Kom community of the LGA, about midday yesterday. Sources close to the scene said the explosion sparked off fire which supposedly burnt the victims.
  • No fewer than five people have been confirmed dead in the Abule-Egba pipeline fire explosion that occurred on Sunday night.
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