• Lonely definition, affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome. See more.
  • Jul 17,  · Bird Alone is a game about befriending a lonely bird, and it's just what I need in my life right now. By Heather Wald 17 July Bird Alone is alone no more and I feel less lonely too.
  • Lonely. Lonely I'm mr. Lonely I have nobody For my own. I'm so lonely I'm mr. Lonely I have nobody For my own I'm so lonely. Yo, this one here, goes out to all my players out there man, you know They got to have one good girl who's always been there like Took all the bullshit Then one day she can't take it no more and decides to leave. I woke up in the middle of the night And I noticed my girl.
  • If you are lonely, you are unhappy because you don't have any friends or anyone to talk to. Lonely is used either in front of a noun or after a linking verb like be or feel. He was a lonely little boy. She must be very lonely .
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  • 53 synonyms of lonely from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 94 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for lonely. Lonely: not being in the company of others.
  • Lonely definition is - being without company: lone. How to use lonely in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of lonely.
  • lonely: 1 adj lacking companions or companionship “a lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel” “a lonely soul” Synonyms: alone, lone, solitary unaccompanied being without an escort adj marked by dejection from being alone “felt sad and lonely ” “the loneliest night of the week” Synonyms: lonesome dejected affected or marked by low spirits.
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